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Updated Rumors on Apple's Car

As stories begin to surface about modern car production being halted due to chip shortages for their ever-increasing infotainment offerings, we see reports about the chipset rumored to go into the upcoming Apple Car.

The report, linked below, mentions a SOC system much like what Apple is installing in their new line of MacBook laptops with computing power far beyond what those devices have seen with older, Intel chips.

The C1 chip, as it is dubbed, will perform tasks such as eye-tracking in a measure to ensure the "driver" of the vehicle is still paying attention while in autonomous mode.

A common question we ask all of our guests on Garage Talk's podcast is whether they prefer more or less tech in their vehicles, with Apple stepping into the mix, expect the MOST tech you have ever seen in a vehicle to-date.

"There is some debate around how close Apple's consumer vehicle is to market, with speculated launch dates varying from 2024 to 2027. Nevertheless, there has been a striking increase in reports surrounding the Apple Car which suggest that the project is gathering momentum, with Hyundai recently confirming that it is in negotiations regarding ‌Apple Car‌ production."

Read more about the chip rumor from our source, MacRumors, here:


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