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The Backstory

In 2020 Cory started working to bring his desire to work in the automotive industry to fruition. ​This passion turned into GT: Garage Talk, a discussion about all things automotive. Now this drive fuels the weekly podcast discussion with people from throughout the automotive industry as well as weekly car reviews.


We encourage you to sound off about what excites, drives you mad, or just need to vent about the automotive world. You can visit our homepage and fill out the form that will shoot us an email with your thoughts and opinions, at


GT: Garage Talk is a brand of Fifteen58 Productions LLC

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Cory’s love of cars came at a time of great change in his young life. At the age of 9 his family moved 200+ miles away from the only home he knew. During the first few months of life in a new town, a certain green pony car caught his eye and just begged the question that had to be answered, “what kind of car is that?!?”The answer led to much research in the pre-internet world.

Flash forward 16 years and that kid finally had his dream car, an anniversary edition no less. While that car may be gone from his life, the passion it created and stirred certainly did not. After working years in the retail industry it became apparent it was time for something new, something that brought that passion back to life.

Now as the President of the Texas Auto Writers Association, Cory looks to share his passion for vehicles through as many avenues as possible.

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