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Teasing the Future of Mazda: First Glimpse of the 2024 CX-90

We are getting close to the debut of Mazda USA's newest three-row SUV, the 2024 CX-90.

Today, Mazda teased us with this image of the front fender and hood ahead of the vehicle's official debut in January.

Following the design language and upscale nature of the CX-50 we have tested extensively here at GT: Garage Talk, the CX-90 is positioned to be the brand's new flagship vehicle. Described as wider, longer, and more aggressive than any current Mazda vehicle, this premium three-row will be even nicer than the CX-9 we have tested here.

With its longitudinally-mounted inline-six-cylinder engine, we are not only excited about the design but the power plant as this is the first implementation of the engine in a Mazda vehicle.

From Mazda: "The CX-90 continues Mazda's Kodo Design philosophy of infusing life into the body of the vehicle through passion and precision. It's bold, dynamic design, and craftsmanship are highlighted by an all-new premium paint color option with this first, large platform introduction of Artisan Red. This sophisticated, yet deeply saturated color has been specifically developed to suit large platform vehicles to accentuate its blend of high-performance appearance and world-class refinement."

Stay tuned as we will have more on the new CX-90 as we learn more ourselves.


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