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2024 Chevrolet Trax: A Pleasant, Inexpensive Surprise!

Chevy surprised us all in mid-October when they dropped images and information on their new 2024 Trax crossover. Not only was it bringing back a nameplate we thought was dead with the new Trailblazer in the lineup, but this new Trax is larger and cheaper than the Trailblazer as well.

Starting at $21,495 and with top trims starting at $24,995, the 2024 Trax is a gas-only new crossover that Chevy hopes will capture some market share in a segment that many other automakers are abandoning. Chevy did not cut amenities to hit this price point, however, as the Trax comes with standard digital gauges, wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, as well as active noise cancellation to make your commute much more pleasant.

With an 11-inch increase in length over the outgoing Trax, and larger than the Trailblazer, this Trax should be a hit with young consumers looking for a crossover that will not break the bank while still giving plenty of room for real-life adults. Rear seat legroom increased by 3 inches, while cargo capacity improved by nearly 6 cubic feet.

Motivating this new crossover is a 1.2L turbocharged 3-cylinder making a GM-estimated 137 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and routes power to the front wheels, only. No AWD model here folks. GM estimates the Trax to achieve over 30 mpg, but final EPA numbers are still pending.

There really is a lot to like here at a very appealing price point. We have not gotten a chance to drive it yet, but our time here with it at the Los Angeles Auto Show has us wanting to see more of this kind of thinking from GM.

2024 Chevy Trax Specs:

  • 1.2L Turbocharged 3-cylinder Engine

  • 137 Horsepower

  • 162 lb-ft of Torque

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

  • Front Wheel Drive

  • Up to 54.1 Cubic Feet of Cargo Space

  • Seating for 5

  • Standard Active Noise Cancelling

  • Standard Wireless AppleCarPlay® and Android Auto™

  • 8-inch Digital Gauge Cluster

  • Standard 8-inch, Optional 11-inch Color Touchscreen Infotainment

  • 11-inch Increase in Overall Length over the Outgoing Model

  • 2-inch Increase in Overall Width

  • 3-inch Increase in Rear Seat Legroom

  • Passive Keyless Entry

  • Evotex Seating

  • 10-way Power Driver Seat with Power Lumbar

  • Heated Front Seats

  • Wrapped and Heated Steering Wheel

  • Heated Exterior Rearview Mirrors

  • Starting Price: $21,495

  • Price as Seen Here: $24,995

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