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All the Car-Related Commercials from the Big Game 2021

While the game may have been a bit one-sided, there was still the usual suspense each commercial break wondering what the ad agencies had come up with for the largest commercial-viewing spectacle of the year. We have a roundup of all the car-related commercials right here.

GM teamed up with several big stars for their big EV push.

Toyota: Jessica Long’s Story

While humor is usually the name of the game, some featured a more serious tone of hope for the future, cue Toyota and their inspiring commercial "Upstream" featuring the story of athlete Jessica Long.

Jessica Long’s story is one of an unsinkable spirit. From double amputee to Paralympic champion. 13-time Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long and Toyota show that there is hope and strength in all of us.

Learn more about Jessica's story:

Ford: Finish Strong

The team over at Dearborn wants us to remember what we have come through so far and encourage us to Finish Strong with their big ad:

Jeep: The Middle The brands formally known as FCA, now Stellantis, have been airing thoughtful commercials for years now, most notably their "Imported from Detroit" campaign from a decade ago. This year, the Jeep brand brought the message of compromise with their commercial starring Bruce Springsteen.

Bonus, Post Super Bowl Ad: The Road Ahead

Jeep followed up their big game ad with one perhaps a little less controversial and focusing more on their products than the world around us with their "The Road Ahead" spot. Looking at concepts from the Grand Wagoneer, to the upcoming Grand Cherokee L, and Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, this spot has us excited to see more new Jeep products on the streets and on the trail

Weathertech: "Family" & "We Never Left"

Famously made in America, aftermarket manufacturer Weathertech aired a couple of ads featuring their employees as well as focusing on their commitment to the American economy.

CarMax: A Lot Can Change In A Month

Auto Reseller CarMax reminds us all of how quickly time flies and how just a month can make things drastically different. Whether it is losing a job, finding love, or starting a family; many changes can happen in that time and they want you to be ready with the righr vehicle for whatever life throws at you

F9: Fast & Furious 9" Teaser Trailer:

In the same vein of life changing quickly from the themes of the CarMax commercial, the long-awaited F9 teaser dropped starting off with the line from Dom, "The world has a way of changing..."

Humorous commercials are the ones that stick with us long after the big game ends, and we had a few of those as well.

vroom: Dealership Pain

We are all aware of the stigma that surrounds car buying. In fact, we covered it in Episode 7 of our Podcast. Internet retailer vroom wants you to know that car buying is changing for the better. In an era when all your essential needs can be ordered, shipped, and left at your door they seek to make car buying just as simple.

General Motors: No Way Norway

GM has been on a tear recently, with a bullish plan of totally reinventing themselves as an automaker by 2035, and they bought the ad time to tell the world. Hiring big names like Will Ferrel, Keenan Thompson, Awkwafina, Winona Rider, and Timothée Chalamet, the General bet big on this year's game. The first of their two ads featured Will Ferrell coming to the realization (over several previously aired online ads) that Norway is outselling the US in EV car sales, per capita... an issue that did not sit well with him. He rounds up his friends and shows off 2 of the first vehicles to hit showrooms with GM's new Ultium Battery technology.

Cadillac: Edgar Scissorhands

Focusing more specifically on the first Ultium-powered EV from GM, Cadillac showed off their EV, the LYRIQ in a spot spinning off from the movie Edward Scissorhands

What are your thoughts? Were there enough? Were they good, bad, funny? Did we miss any? Let us know your thoughts by joining out community and leaving a note below.


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