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Raptor All the Things

The F-150 Raptor started life as a limited-run SVT project that turned into the benchmark for high-performance factory pickups. Since its introduction for the 2010 model year, it has seen 2 subsequent generational upgrades, spun off into a smaller Ranger Raptor for overseas markets, and now the Bronco Raptor fans have been clamoring for.

Following the same formula as big-brother F-150, the Bronco Raptor forgoes an eight-cylinder engine for a highly tuned twin-turbo V6.

Using a Bronco Raptor-specific version of the 3.0L EcoBoost found in the likes of the Ford Explorer ST, Ford claims power figures of more than 400 horsepower. (Yes, we are aware this is less than the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, but wait.... there's more.)

What may be more obvious to onlookers is the presence this thing commands. With an additional 9.8 inches of overall width over a standard Bronco four-door, 37-inch tall all-terrain tires, and a whopping 13.1 inches of ground clearance... THIS. THING. IS. BIG! With a specially-tuned Raptor HOSS 4.0 (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension System) and FOX Live Valve technology with position-sensitive damping and FOX 3.1 internal bypass-active dampers uniquely tuned at the front and rear, with remote reservoirs, the engineers have promised 13 inches of front suspension travel and 14 inches in the rear.

The approach angle is a wall-climbing 47.2 degrees, with 30.8 degrees of breaker and a 40.5 degree departure angle. Water fording is up to 37 inches in the Raptor as well.

To contain all of these suspension upgrades and maintain street-legal status, the designers have fitted massive over fenders on the front and rear, marker lamps in the redesigned "FORD" grille and on the side mirrors and above the rear-mounted spare.

Doors panels and the roof structure are shared with the standard Bronco, but the Raptor gets a new vented hood and front finders that serves to remove heat from the engine bay, complete with Easter eggs to the last time the Bronco won in Baja.

All this comes in at a surprisingly "low" $69,995 with destination included. Undercutting its Jeep rival by nearly five grand. A lot can be done with those savings to make the Bronco Raptor even more competitive.

I personally think this lives up to my expectations of what the combination of Bronco and Raptor would look like, but what are your thoughts? Are you upset there is no V8 under the hood? Are those fender flares too much? Have we all lost our minds? Sound off in the comments below.

I have also included spec sheets and images from Ford's website, enjoy!

Download PDF • 127KB

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