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Production Ready?

We shared with you all the way back in September of 2020 that Jeep was planning the return of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer as a premium sub-brand of the Jeep portfolio of SUVs. Jeep also showed off an impressive concept at that time, a concept vehicle we got to spend a little time with ourselves. Well, Jeep is now teasing the unveiling of the official production ready version.

Jeep's 2020 Concept Grand Wagoneer

Teased with the simple tagline of "Grand adventures are just around the corner. Available Summer 2021" on the video released on their YouTube Channel, Jeep did give us some other exciting news for their premium vehicles in a separate press release.

Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer Announced as First Vehicles to Integrate Fire TV for Auto

  • Uconnect 5 platform and Fire TV for Auto interact seamlessly for access to TV shows, movies, games, Alexa, vehicle features and more

  • 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer vehicles first to offer Fire TV built-in and unique-to-brand capabilities

  • In-car connectivity allows passengers to stream their favorite shows together or separately while staying linked to their digital lives in a totally immersed experience

When Jeep showed off their concept last fall, it was very obvious that they were going all-in on the screen proliferation currently sweeping over the auto industry. We remember fondly sliding into the drivers seat as the Jeep engineers switched on the roaring fire that swept across the entire dash of the concept vehicle.

Now, Jeep is touting the use of those screens for more than just a roaring fire or a sweet view of the Aurora Borealis. Now, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer buyers could watch their favorite shows from Amazon right in their vehicle with the first iteration of Fire TV for Auto.

We are thoroughly impressed with the Uconnect 5 system in all the vehicles we have experienced with the latest and greatest from Stellantis infotainment, so we are eagerly awaiting to see more about this new production-ready luxury SUV from Jeep.

Read more from the official release below, and let us know your thoughts.


March 4, 2021 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - The soon-to-be revealed Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, which will debut on March 11, will be the first vehicles in the automotive industry to integrate Amazon Fire TV for Auto, giving passengers access to their favorite shows, movies, apps, unique vehicle features and Alexa.

Fire TV for Auto seamlessly communicates directly with the Uconnect 5 system, expanding on Alexa Auto in-vehicle technology to help drivers stay focused on the road and keep passengers entertained. Content syncs with an existing Amazon account like other Fire TV devices, making it easy to navigate favorite apps and resume playback of a show. With Fire TV built-in, customers can pause a show in their home and seamlessly continue watching once they get into their vehicle.

"The all-new 2022 model-year Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are designed and engineered to set a new standard for American premium in the large SUV segment,” said Christian Meunier, Jeep® Brand Chief Executive Officer - Stellantis. “Launching Fire TV for Auto as an industry-first technology to the Wagoneer lineup illustrates one of the many ways we intend to deliver class-leading technology and connectivity to our customers.”

Fire TV for Auto builds on the Fire TV experience that exists today with unique features that include:

  • Passengers can view Fire TV in high definition from the rear seats and the front passenger screen (a privacy filter disables driver viewing). When the vehicle is in park, the driver also can view Fire TV on the main Uconnect 5 screen

  • Touchscreen controls and support for compatible content can be downloaded on trips where wireless service is limited or to save on data

  • A Fire TV for Auto-specific remote provides control of the experience and includes push-to-talk access to Alexa, making it easy to find and quickly play shows

  • The remote includes a button that connects Fire TV with the new Uconnect 5 system for control of vehicle features, such as climate, maps and more

“We reimagined Fire TV for the automobile with a purpose-built experience that delivers the best in entertainment, anywhere you go,” said Sandeep Gupta, Vice President and General Manager of Amazon Fire TV. “With Fire TV built in, customers can stream their favorite shows, see if they left the lights on at home with Alexa, and take advantage of unique controls through the Uconnect system.”

With Fire TV for Auto, the Uconnect experience continues to expand its functionality outside of the vehicle. Fire TV for Auto will be packaged with other connected services and made available in fall 2021 in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

In-car technology continues to grow in importance to buyers. Uconnect 5 is more helpful, content rich, connected and adds greater personalization, making it the most advanced Uconnect offering ever. With future growth in mind, the advanced Uconnect 5 architecture is scalable across all Stellantis brands and preps for the integration of advanced technology. Additionally, Uconnect 5’s Android operating system lays a foundation, bringing access to a broad catalog of applications to answer the rapidly developing demand for an improved user experience.


Wagoneer returns as a premium extension of the Jeep® brand while continuing its legacy as the original premium SUV. Building on a rich heritage of premium American craftsmanship while offering a new level of comfort, legendary 4x4 capability and customer service, Wagoneer forges a new path – one that defines the new standard of sophistication, authenticity and modern mobility. Offering a unique and premium customer service experience, Wagoneer delivers warm, capable, innovative and authentic vehicles with premium design cues and technology to a new, distinctive and successful array of customers. Combining these attributes with strong SUV credentials, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer build on the original premium SUV by defining the next generation of an American icon. Stellantis offers a portfolio of brands and is a leading global automaker and mobility provider. For more information regarding Stellantis (NYSE: STLA), please visit

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