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Here Comes More Tech!

You Gear Heads know that I am also a big tech-nerd and love the proliferation of technology in vehicles. That is not to say that I don't respect the old-school, bare-bones vehicles of years gone by. However, for a daily driver or road trip machine, I love the fact that cars are able to do more and more for us through the use of technology.

Our friends over at Mac Rumors have shared a rumor surrounding the tech-giant Apple's plan to replace your car keys.

Dubbed CarKey, the system uses the near field communication, or NFC for short, to allow your iPhone talk to your vehicle securely and wireless. This is the same technology that many have embraced through the use of ApplePay, however it will require the hardware to be installed in the vehicle as well as the smartphone. This means it could be a year or more before we see this feature widely accepted by the marketplace. Remember how long it took for Apple CarPlay?

Rumors suggest that it would be just as easy and seamless as setting up a new card in your Wallet app and will allow you to "share" your keys with others.

This type of technology is not new. In fact, Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y both do not have a physical key, at least in the way you would imagine. Your phone is your standard key for the car. Just have the app installed and your credentials and you are good to go. You can also check your charge status and other key features of your Tesla. They also send these cars out with a credit card like "key" for valet use or loaning to friends. Just tap the card to the pillar between the front and rear doors and you are granted access.

I know my household will be late to adopt this technology for a couple of reasons: 1. We will not be buying a car for a couple of years and 2. When I shared with my wife the fact that the Model 3 had no physical key, she immediately lost all interest in the car. She would fall in to the technology-averse group, while I like to stay on the bleeding edge of all new tech. Opposites attract, right?

Apple's CarKey takes this technology and adds the mass-market appeal and Apple's stringent security measures to the same principle used by Tesla. As the technology matures and is more widely accepted by manufacturers you will see more and more cars roll out with this feature. Let us all hope that manufacturers do not get too greedy with the tech, I am looking at you BMW!

What are your thoughts on more and more technology in our cars? Are you a fan, or have we taken it too far? Are you all in or do you want crank windows and manual locks? Sound off in the comments below or on our social media accounts.

As for me, I am looking for all the tech in cars!


Read more from the original blog posting from Mac Rumors, here.

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