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Bronco Order Updates

We have your latest news on the BRAND NEW Ford Bronco and the process of online orders.

As you know, we have partnered with a friend of the podcast who has a Ford Bronco reserved through Ford's new online reservation system.

We received word today of some updated information as to the availability of this long awaited off-road vehicle.

1.) Online configurator will be available later THIS MONTH

2.) December-January dealers will be contacting reservation holders to confirm their desired build options.

3.) An additional deposit will be taken by the dealership at this time.

4.) Original reservation timestamps from the launch of the Bronco will be carried throughout the process, meaning all current reservations are already holding their current spot in the line.

5.) Late in the first quarter of 2021 delivery timelines will be communicated to customers.

Do you have yours reserved?

Did you save your spot in line?

Read our takes from the launch event here: Cory's Thoughts Matt's Thoughts

Here is the email content from Ford:

Thank you again for your interest in the all‑new 2021 Ford Bronco and for reserving one of your very own.* We’re humbled by the tremendous demand we’ve received and are excited to get you your Bronco as soon as we can. We know everyone is eager to hear more details about their reservation, so below is an update on next steps.
First, the Bronco Build & Price configurator on For‌d‌.‌com will open in mid‑October, so you will soon be able to configure your dream Bronco. We encourage you to explore the various series, options and colors to get your build just right. This will be an important tool as you prepare for placing your formal order.
Then, December through January, your selected dealer will be reaching out to schedule an order consultation when you will place your order for production and finalize your purchase price. Be sure to save your configuration from For‌d‌.‌com to share with your dealer. Expect your dealer to request a deposit to confirm your commitment, which will enable us to accurately schedule production. No worries if you’re not the first to place an order, as your reservation time stamp will stay with your order.
In late 1st quarter, we will be communicating an estimated delivery window based on final ordering and production of similarly configured Broncos. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on the status of your order by sending emails when your vehicle is ordered, scheduled for production, built and shipped. Additionally, there will be regular newsletters to share news and updates on all things Bronco.
If you have any questions, please contact your Ford Dealer for assistance.
Thank you, The Ford Bronco Team

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