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2023 Toyota Sienna Trim Compare: Limited, XSE, & XLE

I grew up in the backseat of a minivan, and now with a kid myself I find myself looking at them again in a new light. These 2023 Toyota Sienna models are really appealing choices in the segment.

With an all-hybrid lineup and a minimum EPA Fuel Economy of 35 mpg, there are a lot of long-haul family trips that can happen in a new Sienna. Add to that the practicality of sliding rear doors that can be opened with your foot, the key fob, or by pulling the handle, super sliding second-row seats, easily storable third-row seats that have enough room for adults when upright, and a giant cave of storage space in the back hatch, the Sienna really can do it all.

Did we mention you could also get them in all-wheel drive?

We tested a 2022 Platinum model for a week and really enjoyed it. We even had a picnic in the back while watching a show on the fold-down 1080p screen. Tucker even cried when it left because he enjoyed it so much.

The question for you is, will you consider a minivan over the increasingly large number of 3-row SUV options?

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