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Teasing Tundra: Toyota Launches Teaser Campaign for 2022 Redesign.

Its official, we have images of the 2022 all-new Toyota Tundra, well sort of.

Teasers, by nature, do not give viewers the full scope of what is being teased, but there are some details we can work out.


1.) LEDs all of them....look at all the lights. LED headlights, very inset LED fog lights (?), an additional light bar (?) in the middle of the grille, and then there is....

2.) The 3 amber lights atop the grille and marker lights on the side. Perhaps most notable because the Ford Raptor and Ram 1500 TRX both have similar marker lights, why? Well, DOT regulations say that vehicles 80 inches wide, or wider, need these lights to indicate the presence of a wide vehicle. But why they are notable does not have to do with the width, specifically, rather the two trucks we mentioned that also have them... is this rig set to seriously compete off-road? (Heavy duty trucks have them too, are we getting an HD version? Our guess is no) Has Toyota USA come to the plate with a capable off-roader to compete with the 700+ horsepower TRX and the yet-to-be-unveiled Ford Raptor R?

Say hello to the truck wars folks. It's going to be a fun, and bumpy, ride!!!

Max it Out! (Updated 6/15/21)

We now know more about what will be powering the 2022 Toyota Tundra, the iForce MAX.

We are still scant on details, but we can surmise at least one thing from this new image: the iForce MAX in the 2022 Tundra will not be a standard ICE powertrain.

Long a leader in the hybrid space, Toyota has used blue to signify their hybrid models. Just look at the logo on the next Prius you glowing outline.

Toyota is leaning in heavy to the electrification of their mainstream vehicles too, the new 2021 Sienna minivan and 2021 Venza SUV are both sold in hybrid-only configurations. For the Sienna, this means buyers can expect near 600 mile range on a single tank of fuel.

Given the blue outline around the word MAX on the engine cover, we can hope that Toyota has made something fun, powerful, and efficient because we expect this new Tundra to be massive (see teaser above.) iForce is a name typically reserved for their Tundra V8 engines, so will this be a hybrid V8?

While many are expecting a forced-induction V6 to rival the EcoBoost from Ford, we can see a hybrid as a feasible option given their other models. What are your thoughts? Will we see a V8 powered Tundra, or are those days in our rear view mirror?

Whoops, What Was That? (Updated 6/18/21)

"Some people don't know how to keep a secret." Those were the words we got to accompany the first official image of an undisguised 2022 Tundra.

Released without any further detail or accompanying video, like the two before it, this image was in response to leaked images from a dealer that had the internet buzzing.

Grainy and not very clear, this was the best many outlets had to report on the styling of the 2022 Tundra. Here you can see the massive new grille in all its glory, possible air curtains (a-la Silverado) under the headlights to help airflow around the massive rig, TRD Pro-stamped tailgate, and a few other tidbits.

The white, Toyota-released image shows unique material used for the fender arches and front bumper. To us, it looks similar to the carbon-pro bed of the GMC Sierra. We shall see.

BBS Forged TRD Pro specific black wheels wrapped in 285/65R18 Falken Wildpeak All-Terrain rubber looks like they are ready for some fun, as are the rock rails under the doors. Red leather seats adorn the cabin, which is a very nice touch in our opinion, the first in the segment.

Underneath the large T-O-Y-O-T-A in the grille, we spy the lightbar from the first teaser image, above the front-facing camera, above the radar adaptive cruise sensor. Paired with the parking sensors in the bumper and the camera spied in the top of the windshield, we expect Toyota's full suite of driver safety tech, including lane keep assist.

Adventure on the Horizon (Updated 6/22/21)

What a commanding view of the trail ahead! Toyota shares just what to expect when piloting this massive new truck.

While, yet again, no details were shared with this image, we can spy some fun hints of what’s to come.

First, the large landscape touchscreen infotainment display. While not completely integrated into the dash like the offerings from Ram or Ford, it is not too obnoxious in how far it rises over the dash. Running Apple CarPlay in this image, we expect all the latest interior tech from Toyota, including a JBL sound system.

Next, it appears from the way they have depicted the frameless rear view mirror, Toyota will be implementing a camera system into the mirror (perhaps we are reading too much into this). A technology popularized by General Motors, these mirrors take advantage of high-mounted cameras to give drivers the option of old-school reflection mirror or high-res image from the camera to eliminate obstacles from your line of sight. This feature plays out well when carrying a lot of payload in the bed, or cab, of your Tundra.

Looking behind the mirror, we can postulate that Toyota will implement their driver safety technology such as lane keep assist. We’ve already spotted the radar adaptive cruise equipment hidden in the grille of the last image, so this would come as no surprise.

It does not look like Toyota will be following the likes of other manufacturers with a head-up display, but that may just be missing from the TRD Pro model they are teasing. We do see a cool feature of a red marker for top-dead-center on the steering wheel, a nice visual cue when venturing off-road.

Stay tuned for more as we will update this story as Toyota teases the next in their series of images. Their site leads us to believe there will be 5 more images to come, what do you hope to see from this 2022 Tundra?

The Stars Align (Updated 7/13/21)

What would a new vehicle be without a panoramic sunroof option?

In addition to the red seats we have already spied, we also see matching red seat belts (nice touch Toyota), but we are really here to talk about that massive, dual-pane sunroof.

Leaving the GM twins as the only full-size trucks without a large opening of sky above your head, the 2022 Toyota Tundra was teased today with its own version of a dual-pane skylight. What are your thoughts? Is this a must have for you? Would you rather a "normal-sized" sunroof? Or would you just prefer the solid metal roof instead?

In addition to the open roof, Toyota continues to give customers the option of a full-width roll down rear window in their Tundra (and 4Runner) offerings. We love the open-air feeling of all 5 windows down and the addition of this large glass roof is the next best thing to a convertible truck.

Any way you slice it, Toyota is about release a very competitive full-size truck into the market, and we cannot wait to test it for you!

Setting a New Bar for Comfort, Capability and Convenience (Updated 7/27/21)

Embroidered red leather seats, drive modes with off-road cruise control, and Qi wireless charging....the 2022 Tundra joins the ranks of digitally-integrated vehicles.

In their series of teasers leading up to the big reveal, Toyota showed off a little more of the interior features of the 2022 Tundra full-size pickup truck.

First showing a panning close-up shot of the red perforated leather seats with embroidered TRD Pro logo, we can't help but see the subtle camo-like design hidden in the perforations.The white and black design is easily seen when glancing at the seat from a distance and plays well with the white and black embroidery announcing the TRD Pro trim. These colors also play well with what we have seen of the Tundra so far, as we have only seen the leaked red truck with black accents as well as the official image of the exterior from Toyota featuring a white truck with black exterior accents.

Next, Toyota pulls in close to the driver activating Toyota's off-road cruise control, dubbed Crawl Control, along with a button for the MTS, or Multi-Terrain Select technology. Both of which are very capable systems we have sampled on other Toyota rigs. Also shown around these controls are the buttons for Drive Modes and Tow/Haul Mode. After selected, the camera shifts to the dash to reveal the icons indicating the CRAWL function has been activated, but we also see large displays of the Tundra's pitch and roll; popular off-road information that is making it into more and more vehicles.(Out of focus we see the indicator that the pickup is in 4Low, a prerequisite for using CRAWL control.)

Lastly, the camera shifts to show off the large, mostly upright Qi wireless charger to the right of the center-console mounted gear selector. This has us wondering just how large this center console will be. The Tundra has been a massive truck since the launch of the second generation, but this one really looks to be the largest yet. The camera angles used in this teaser lead us to believe this console will be wide enough that you could sit anyone in the middle of the back seat without worrying that they will even touch the passengers in the neighboring outboard seats.

Sadly, we also see what looks to be piano black plastic surrounding the gear selector, lets hope it does not show every spec of dust, dirt and fingerprints....

With only one more spot left on their "Coming Soon" teaser board, we are wondering just what other goodies are in store for us as Toyota sets to unveil the 2022 Tundra.

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