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The Trailering Wars Intensify

GMC announced more Pro Trailering Features available in the 2021 Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD pickup trucks, as well as a Black Diamond Edition Denali.

The world of full-sized pickup trucks is getting more and more competitive, and with it comes more technology and capability. Not only are manufactures competing for the "best-in-class" towing and payload numbers, but also in the tailgate wars and trailering tech.

To step up their game against competition from Ford and Ram, GMC announced today 5 new trailering enhancements on their 2021 Sierra line:

  • Trailer Length Indicator: New for 2021, when enabled and driving forward with the turn signal activated, the center console screen displays a red overlay twice the length of the compatible trailer and shows when other vehicles are present and may interfere with a lane-change maneuver.

  • Jack-Knife Alert: New for 2021, Jack-Knife Alert tracks the position of the compatible trailer in relation to the vehicle. If the front of the trailer approaches the rear of the vehicle, an alert is displayed when there may be a potential jack-knife situation.

  • Rear Trailer View now features guidelines and Trailer-Angle Indicator: Rear Trailer View has been enhanced to include guidelines that assist when backing a trailer into place and a Trailer-Angle Indicator to show the relationship between the truck and compatible trailer. Rear Trailer View requires the customer-installed available GM auxiliary accessory camera.

  • Rear Side View enhancement: When driving forward on the 2020 GMC Sierra, Rear Side View provides a split view of the left and right sides of the truck and compatible trailer that is automatically biased based on the trailer’s angle. In the 2021 GMC Sierra, drivers will have access to this view while driving in reverse, making it easier to see surrounding vehicles and objects while positioning a trailer.

  • Cargo Bed View enhancement: New Cargo Bed Zoom View and Bed Hitch Guidance are now available, which can be helpful for aligning and hooking up a gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailer.

Select trailering features require a conventional-hitched box or camping trailer and additional setup may be required. Customers can see their dealers for full details.

We mentioned the tailgate wars above, and GMC is not standing idly by. GMC, with their MulitPro multi-function tailgate was the pioneer of the Swiss-Army-Knives of tailgates and has extended availability down to the Elevation and SLE trims. Just as Chevrolet announced they are borrowing the feature on their Silverado and dubbing it the "Multi-Flex Tailgate."

Three new colors will be available on Sierras and the off-road capable 1500 Sierra AT4 will have additional options of a 20-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory tire package and off-road high-clearance step.

The available 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel, which provides an ideal balance of performance and efficiency with 460 lb-ft of torque and best-in-class horsepower while offering up to an EPA-estimated 30 mpg on the highway, is a popular choice for GMC Sierra customers. For 2021, the MSRP of the popular engine will be reduced by $1,500, placing it at $995 MSRP above the Sierra 1500’s 5.3L V-8 with Dynamic Fuel Management.

New additions to the 2021 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty include enhancements to the trucks’ popular premium trims. HD Surround Vision and Bed View camera technology are now standard on Denali. The new Sierra HD Denali Black Diamond Edition will have several unique features, including exclusive 20-inch high-gloss black wheels and new power-retractable assist steps.

Similar to the Sierra 1500, the Sierra Heavy Duty AT4 will now have available 18-inch Mud Terrain tires and an available off-road high clearance step accessory.

We will keep you up to date on all things Truck Wars here at Garage Talk. Be sure to subscirbe to our blog to be updated each time a news story is posted. You will also gain access to share your thoughts on our site, down below.


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