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The Future is Electric

It is an electrifying time to be in the car business, and GMC tends to be on the forefront with their new Hummer EV all electric line of vehicles.

Dubbing this the World's first "Supertruck," GMC has their eyes set on Tesla and their upcoming Cybertruck. But, the truck is not the only thing GMC has up their sleeves, there will be not 1 but 2 models a crew cab truck and an SUV.

We won't know the full scope of the specs and capabilities of these two models until its official reveal this fall, but it is clear that the Cybertruck is not the only vehicle GMC has targeted.

In their latest teaser, we were reminded of the stats already shared with the world, that may be a bit misleading: 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb. ft. of torque, but followed that up with some new figures and sneak peaks at clay models and full-size mock ups.

With this clay model we get to see the basic design themes of the new electric truck version of the Hummer EV. The lines are very familiar to the Hummers of the past, but with a modern take. The front bumper looks quite large vertically, extending downward for some skid plate protection. The front tires look like they will be left exposed for incredible approach angles. We doubt you will be able to scale vertical walls like the original military-spec H1, but there will still be some strong capabilities there.

Here we get to see one of the first full-size mock ups being worked on in the shop. It is clear the bumper maintains its openings for the great approach angle, but we can now see the large front trunk made possible by the lack of internal combustion engine. Also visible are the roof crossbars for the new removable panels. While not as open and airy as the recently released Ford Bronco, this will still be the most open air feeling you will get from a General Motors vehicle outside of the Camaro or Corvette convertibles.

Here we have a wider shot of the same vehicle. More details about the lines and character of the truck come to light, but we cannot wait to see the final version.

As far as the new specs announced today, here is what we have:

Adrenaline Mode

Think Telsa and their Ludicrous Mode. We assume this Adrenaline mode will come with a blast of torque for some crazy acceleration not yet seen on a vehicle of this size and capability. GMC claims a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds.

Crab Mode

In another shot at the recently announced Ford Bronco, we anticipate this Crab mode to accomplish much better results as the Trail Turn Assist in which the innermost rear tire is braked to make a sharper turn. Tank mode turning was previewed on another all electric truck, the Rivian R1T in which a full 360 degree turn was accomplished while rotating around the center point of the vehicle. This is possible by having independent electric motors in each of the wheels, allowing the two left tires to spin one direction and the right side spinning in the opposing direction. The GMC will have to make due with its 3 electric motors to accomplish this same task, but we assume it bears the same principles. I had a remote controlled car when I was a kid that could achieve this stunt, never did I imagine it would be possible in a real car.

Ultium Battery

GM is betting big on all things electric, partnering with LG Electronics for their new battery platform. The Hummer EV is one of the first vehicles to be announced with this partnership, the other being the Cadillac Lyriq SUV which will be announced August 6th.

Superfast Charging

Along with the battery technology, GM has to deliver on the charge time, one of the biggest concerns when customers are considering ditching internal combustion for electric motoring. When a typical fuel stop lasts just a few minutes, and an electric stop can last a half-hour or more, things must change for widespread adoption.

Next-Gen Super Cruise

Cadillac currently features autonomous driving in their CT6 sedan as well as the new Escalade. This system monitors not only the road and traffic conditions around the vehicle, but the driver's eyes and attention to ensure there is an actively engaged driver behind the wheel, even if they aren't doing anything more than monitoring the process around them. This is a step above Tesla's system that only responds to steering wheel feedback and can easily be fooled by weights while the driver takes a nap or checks emails. We anticipate even stronger self-driving capabilities to rival those from Tesla in this next generation of the still new Super Cruise technology.

Infinity Roof and Modular Sky Panels

We noted earlier the mock ups showing the removable roof. It will be interesting to see what options come on both the SUV and the truck.

Ultra Vision Cameras

In another trail-ready attempt to one-up the competition, the Hummer EV will surely have cameras capable of taking over in the absence of a true spotter on the trail. While we still prefer to have somebody outside the vehicle telling us where to go based on all the things they can see, this will surely come in handy for those times when things aren't quite as treacherous.

Much like the Bronco announcement earlier this month, GMC will allow you to reserve your Hummer EV this fall after the announcement is made, and production will begin a year later. We cannot wait to see more and get behind the wheel ourselves. What are your thoughts?

Clearly, the future is electric...


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