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Hyundai Veloster N Announced with Unique Wet Dual-Clutch Transmission

Today the Korean automaker announced the long awaited performance-oriented N version of their new Veloster hot-hatch.

You know we love our manual transmissions here at Garage Talk, we recorded a whole episode about them. Hyundai is attempting to win over the stick-shift faithful with the different modes in this new dual clutch branded the N DCT.

Hyundai is touting it as a better application of the engine‘s power and as engaging to drive as any manual transmission, claiming a 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds.

“The N DCT comes with video game-like features that enhance driving fun. N Grin Shift (NGS) increases torque by 7 percent from 36.0 to 38.5kgf-m by allowing turbocharger overboost and maximizes transmission response for 20 seconds – performance that is certain to induce “driver grin”,” the press release reads.

The transmission also features a power shift feature (NPS) that aids in accelerating at over 90% throttle, holding up shifts.

Lastly, the Track Sense shift feature (NTS) which selects the right gear for the situation...a feature all automatics should master. We shall see how intuitive this really is.

The new N DCT also comes with what is quickly becoming standard fare for performance-minded transmissions such as rev-matching, launch control, and optimized shift points for consumers driving preferences, including a feature to engine brake to help preserve the brakes and reduce fade.

Don’t count the Veloster out on technology and safety either and comes with Hyundai SmartSense safety technologies, including Front Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Driver Attention Warning (DAW), Lane Following Assist (LFA), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), High Beam Assist (HBA), Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW), and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW), to name a few.

Inside, customers can opt for the new N Light Sports Bucket Seats. These seats are wrapped in Alacantara® and are unibody in construction. That combination is good to “firmly hold the driver in position when the car is taking corners at high speeds,“ Hyundai says. A unique feature to this car is the illuminated N badge in the seats to let anyone approaching an empty seat at night know they are about to sit in something special.

Hyundai is calling this car a “corner rascal” that is very fun to drive. This may very well be so, but we here would still like the option to row the gears ourselves, so we will take the stick please.

“Veloster N demonstrates Hyundai’s approach to high-performance cars. By equipping Veloster N with N DCT, drivers get performance and convenience at the same time,” said Thomas Schemera, Head of Product Division at Hyundai Motor. “Anyone who wants a fun driving experience will jump at the chance to pilot the new Veloster N – an everyday sports car with racetrack capabilities.”

Hyundai developed Veloster N at its global R&D center in Korea and validated its performance at its Nürburgring-based testing center in Germany, hence the “N” designation.

Veloster N will first go on sale in South Korea this month followed by other markets.


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