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2023 Houston Auto Show Recap

For those not as close to the Nation's 4th largest city, I have done the legwork for you taking you around the entire show floor of the 2023 Houston Auto Show.

For those who CAN make it out to the show before it ends on January 29th, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! We were invited out for the media preview of the show where we were given access to the vehicles before the show floor was filled with guests. This allowed us the opportunity to give a quick walkthrough of some of our favorite, and some of the most exciting new vehicles from automakers.

Unfortunately, not all vehicles were open for a full review, not all were captured on camera by me (it is a lot to cover in a short amount of time), and we were not able to drive any of these.... yet.

If you do make it out to the show, there is an opportunity for YOU to drive some of these vehicles as various brands have vehicles on site for guests to drive without the pressure of a salesman riding with you.

Keep checking back here daily for the next week as we will post further in-depth exploratory videos of some of the vehicles featured in our quick walk-through of the entire show floor. Starting with the exciting new Dodge Hornet GT. Until then, enjoy trying to spot some exotics in the background of the full show walk-through video.

The show runs today through January 29th, 2023.

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